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Tech Company Script&Go announces new location in Toronto, Ontario

(Toronto, ON) - Script&Go announces the opening of its first satellite office in Toronto. Since 2011, the French company has been working with more than 550 clients from 32 countries operating in various construction sectors such as residential, industrial, infrastructures and utility networks. Script&Go is now willing to accelerate the adoption of BatiScript (an inspection and corrective workflow tool) in Canada. Additionally, they are prone to make the hassle of the construction claims easier with a new solution called Site Diary.

Benoît Jeannin, the CEO, sees a massive opportunity in Toronto as the city has currently more cranes than any other North American metropolitan area.

"Solving pains is not only about technology, but it is also about people and enabling changes to happen. Being close to our clients is our DNA and a key value proposition." Benoît added.

François Lebas, in charge of identifying and meeting the contractors in Toronto that are willing to embrace new technologies, is sharing a modern space with Exact Tech, the mass concrete monitoring company, located in 1240 Bay Street by the Yorkville Park.

"I wanted to be surrounded by innovative people also dedicated to the improvement of the construction industry. Exact Tech appeared to be the perfect fit." said François.

The goal for Script&Go is to start a dozen of proofs-of-concept in the coming months and to adjust the strategy based on the feedback loops in place.

For more information, visit and or directly call (647) 812-2061 and ask for François.


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