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Dragons’ Den for athletes: New Toronto event helps millionaire NBA stars invest in local tech startups

Posted on 30 July 2019

When news broke that Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry had invested in Toronto technology startup SnapTravel late last year, NBA player-manager Randy Osei couldn’t stop wondering: How, exactly, had the company landed on Curry’s radar? After all, the artificial intelligence-based hotel booking service is Toronto-based, and even NBA stars with GTA roots that Osei kn ...

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Huawei Unveils Its Latest Phones, the Huawei P30, and Huawei P30 Pro

Posted on 10 April 2019

New Huawei phone models, the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro were recently unveiled at a press conference in Paris by the Chinese mobile maker. This launch goes a long way to show that the Chinese mobile technology company wouldn’t stop until it is seen to be at par with its rivals, Samsung and Apple. Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro In the course of the official launch ...

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How to use your invention to make money

Posted on 24 January 2019

(NC) We’ve all dreamed of having a brilliant lightbulb eureka moment, where we come up with a great idea for a successful product or service and become rich. While in reality it may not be as simple as that, it is still possible to create something and make money out of it. You can start with developing a new brand, technology or original design. Then, you need to protect these inte ...

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How a century-old idea is heating and cooling new communities in Toronto

Posted on 26 November 2018

Toronto is tapping into the city's hot real estate market to bring back an old concept to heat and cool buildings and homes downtown using new technology. It's called "district energy" — using one energy source to power an entire neighbourhood or community. Fernando Carou, manager of community energy initiatives at the City of Toronto, describes it as being similar to public trans ...

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The app that bundles different insurance coverages

Posted on 15 October 2018

Brokers in Canada have a technology platform available that allows them to customize different insurance coverages, or offer next-day service, through a self-serve app. The app provides a base quote for a customer. The broker can then use sliders to adjust variables in coverage. Say an oil and gas professional in Calgary gets a call for an urgent job from an oil firm in Fort McMurray. ...

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Consider the Importance of Plant Hire Insurance

Posted on 23 May 2018

Before finalising your agreement with a plant hire company, it is important that you have read the details first. One important aspect to look into is insurance. Anything can happen on a construction site. Construction equipment and machinery are usually huge and for heavy duty purposes. They have to be in their best condition. The person operating the machinery must also be skilled enough to ...

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New tech innovations to lookout for in 2018

Posted on 12 January 2018

The tech industry has witnessed lots of activity in the year 2017―with companies like Facebook utilizing Artificial Intelligence, and an increasing number of companies introducing newer technologies into their various business models. Gopalan Rajagopalan, head of TCS Scotland highlights some of the latest technological innovations to become the rave of the moment in the coming year 2018. ...

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Razer Phone: Do we Need A Gamer-Centric Smartphone?

Posted on 22 November 2017

Today's smartphones are powerful pieces of equipment we carry around in our pockets wherever we go. And they are quite powerful, too, capable of handling all of our everyday tasks, from emails, news, and music to printing, playing the games at and basically whichever else we might find attractive. People already spend a great deal of their time playing smartphone ga ...

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From non-existence to ubiquity: comparison websites

Posted on 07 May 2017

Since the mid-1990s, the trend as been to move industry and shops online.Who remembers that eBay, Amazon and Pizza Hut launched their sites in 1995?The biggest challenge of shopping online at that time was to find an online presence of a company one wanted to buy something from, as it was unthinkably uncommon for quite some time. A great many of the most successful sites then, like eBay, in ...

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How to Stay Safe on the Water this Summer

Posted on 26 April 2017

(NC) Enjoy a summer on the water with friends and family by following these tips to keep people and Canadian waterways safe. 1. Report signs of trouble. Canadian waterways are essential for leisure, travel and the economy. It's important to know when something's wrong so that the Canadian Coast Guard can step in to help. Oil slicks, diesel and other toxic spills are al ...