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'Please help': Protest held outside Toronto long-term care home with deadly outbreak

TORONTO -- A protest was held outside a long-term care home in the Annex where a COVID-19 outbreak has led to the deaths of more than a dozen residents.

Maureen McDermott said she organized the protest to show solidarity with the residents and staff of St. George Care Community and to call on the government to take action and send help to assist in controlling the outbreak.

The facility has one of the worst outbreaks in the province.

“We are screaming for Merrilee Fullerton (Minister of Long-Term Care) to get back to work. Doug Ford to get back to work, get your $12 billion and start spending it,” McDermott said.

“There’s barely any staff left in here. Staff are not coming into work. Staff are sick, and the ones that are in here are absolutely burnt out.”

This their fourth protest at the home in the past eight days, and McDermott vowed that they will continue to hold demonstrations until their pleas are heard, and residents get the help they need.

“We need the military. We need just able bodies to get in here, and hundreds of others across Ontario and it has to happen,” she said.

“I ask you, everybody watching, what would you do if it was your mum? You wouldn’t stop either.”

Since the outbreak was declared in early December at the facility, a total of 156 residents had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. As of Sunday, 45 residents remain infected.

According to the data from the province, 14 residents have died after contracting COVID-19.

Meanwhile, there are 28 active cases among staff members.

The University Health Network has temporarily taken over the management of the home from Sienna Living.

According to the ministry, there have been no new resident cases at the home since Jan. 3.


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