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Richie Jaynes

American Fitness Trailblazer and Wealth Creation Success Enters Canada

Widely regarded as one of the nation’s top experts in fitness and wealth, Richie Jaynes is a Texan business man and independent business owner with years of business leadership skills and even many more years of business success.

He is dedicated in helping others discover their inner champion, develop their wealth and become incredibly fit.

“I want people to know they can make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. We were made to make an impact in this world," says Richie. “You help enough other people achieve what they want. You will achieve what you want”

In his early life, Richie received an athletic scholarship to play football at Abilene Christian University in Abilene Texas, which he attended for two years before transferring to Texas A&M Commerce University, where he continued to play football and received his degree in Kinesiology and Sports Studies. Upon graduation, Richie was granted a position at a major university in Dallas, Texas as Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach—achieving one of his major goals in life. 

After a one-year spell there, Richie bought one of Dallas’s Texas top fitness centers, at the early age of 23 to pursue his life goal of owning a fitness center. He achieved incredible success as he maintained and ran a 12,000 square foot facility with well over 3000 members, before selling and opening one of Dallas’s best athletic sports training centers.

Shortly after opening the training facility, Richie’s rapid progress and success attracted a multi-million-dollar direct sales company in Dallas, Texas. In 1997, he was recruited to build and lead a team that has gone on since to generate millions of dollars in sales and create several multi millionaires. 

Richie became one of the top producers in AdvoCare International, a direct sales nutrition company that has pioneered the world of Athletic and Well-Being supplementation. He has recruited and led a team of well over 12,000 people, and his team has generated sales revenue of several hundred million dollars. Richie has received many awards and recognitions for his outstanding performances in helping others become successful and has become one of the top producers in the company—along with achieving their top-level Diamond distributorship status. In addition, he is even more proud of is the leaders that he has mentored and have helped create wealth for themselves and life on their terms 

Now, Richie Jaynes independent business owner has announced that his company, AdvoCare is launching into Canada, making it the first time the multibillion-dollar health and wellness company is expanding into Canada. AdvoCare is scientifically backed and compliant with Canada’s health regulations and Health Canada has approved AdvoCare’s products for sale and use in Canada under the Natural Health Product (NHP) standards.

The expansion is a fantastic opportunity for Canadians to share in the trillion-dollar health and wellness platform, with the guide of Richie’s leadership and the company’s array of world-class nutritional products that help individuals with weight loss, optimal sports performance and ultimate wellness. 

“This is an exciting expansion and brings with it an enormous opportunity for many Canadians to get in on the ground floor of AdvoCare’s start in the Canadian marketplace,” said Richie.

“This is an entrepreneur’s dream. The products are excellent and the business opportunity is even more excellent, and the business support will help any independent business owner with launch and ongoing support to create life on their terms.”

Having generated hundred of millions of dollars in sales, Richie has created a multimillion-dollar business that he has now brought to the shore of Canada and he is looking for talent to connect with.

“Together,” says Richie, “we’re impacting the world with a new philosophy. We’re helping others realize they can live counter-culture. They can live as champions, successfully in every area of life, including wealth and fitness."

For many years, Richie has also helped a lot of entrepreneurs develop their portfolios through real-estate investments, gas and oil holdings, and wise business deals. His leadership ability and relentless work ethic has won him several multi-million dollars real estate transactions and developed several oil and gas wells. Married for 25 years and blessed with two beautiful daughters, Richie believes the lifelong relationships he’s developed are his most cherished investment. He is now bringing his years of success to Canada for the very first time to help others achieve the same. Richie is looking to lock arms with other successful entrepreneurs that are looking to go to the next level. 

Due to his immense love for fitness and helping people to live a champion fit life, Richie was led to create and build a successful Advocare business. Here individuals that have an interest in living a champion fit life can come to learn and network with other individuals who share some of the same goals in living a champion fit life. By teaming up with Richie you can create wealth and live life on your terms. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There is never a second chance to be first to market. With Richie and Advocare you can be first and create a life of wealth and health. 

According to Richie, being a champion isn’t just a motto. It’s a way of life. 

"Live every day like a champion. Be a CHAMPION!”