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Too many people are staying silent in the face of Trump’s lies and hatred: James

I disavowed Donald Trump long before his run for the presidency of the United States.

He’d continued his racist attack against then-president Barack Obama, giving oxygen to the birther movement that used concocted concerns over Obama’s birthplace to cover up a historical tactic of keeping the Black man in his place.

Here was this grotesque multi-millionaire spewing obvious lies and hatred about the president and media outlets gave him the platform as if the claims were credible.

Trump lied, gave vague threats, exaggerated, obfuscated and displayed all the attributes that would endear him to white supremacists and the fringe of the political right in America. The idea of him running for president was dismissed as a sure-fire way to spike the laugh meter on late-night TV. But for anyone paying attention, the threat was real.



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