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Real Estate Guide: The Best Toronto Neighbourhoods for Young Families

Toronto has an earned reputation for being big and bold. Its hippest neighbourhoods burst with energy into the wee hours of the night, while its buttoned-down financial areas observe a frenetic daytime pace. But where does that leave young families? Where does that leave the sizeable demographic of Torontonians looking for peace, quiet, green space and amenities?

This article aims to show that there are family-friendly slices of Toronto – plenty of them, in fact. If you peer past its thrilling nightlife and business-forward downtown core, Toronto reveals ideal neighbourhoods for settling down. Working with a leading local real estate company like Harvey Kalles Real Estate, explore the neighbourhoods below.


Just past the Don Valley Parkway in the eastern portion of the Six, you’ll find one of the most popular spots for young families. Unlike other entries on this list, Leslieville doesn’t entirely forego fun for the sake of raising a family; it’s still hip and happening, filled with trendy eateries and bars. However, Leslieville balances its hipness with family-friendly activities, good schools and playgrounds.

The Beaches

Further east, you’ll reach the Beaches (or “The Beach,” depending on who you ask). This quiet, secluded corner of Old Toronto has long been a getaway for Torontonians escaping the busy rat race of the city centre. Its boardwalks and (of course) beaches are chock-filled with young families, and its commercial centre caters to kids as well. This isn’t simply a bedroom community for Toronto; it’s a fully formed, tight-knit community existing in yet removed from Toronto.

High Park/Roncesvalles

For a young family, there’s lots to love about the High Park/Roncesvalles area. It’s well-served by the TTC, both on subway and streetcar lines. It’s stocked with libraries, schools, community centres and recreational opportunities. And best of all, it abuts one of Toronto's largest green spaces, the titular High Park.

Davisville Village

Like the High Park/Roncesvalles area, Davisville Village is a study in balance. It has a healthy mixture of residential and commercial developments. It’s home to stunning parks and respected schools. It’s removed enough from the downtown core as to be quiet in the evenings, but it’s accessible enough via the Line 1 subway to be suitable for young professionals. And for the gourmet-inclined families, Davisville also just so happens to boast some of the best Italian restaurants in the city.

Flemingdon Park

Flemingdon Park routinely ranks among the most affordable neighbourhoods in Toronto, making it an ideal place for a young family (or soon-to-be family) to enter the competitive housing market. Beyond its relatively low price tag, Flemingdon Park also features the Ontario Science Centre and several parks.

Lawrence Park

Whereas Flemingdon Park caters to new housing market entrants, Lawrence Park demands a sizeable nest egg for entry. At one time, it was the wealthiest postal code in Canada, and it remains one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Toronto. Still, for your money, you get an area replete with upscale amenities and world-class schools – a safe, spread-out, beautiful corner of the city.

If you’re a young Torontonian looking to raise a family in the city, find the best realtors in Toronto and explore these neighbourhoods.


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