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Toronto is about to get 4 locations of this popular U.S. French fry burrito chain

French fries and burritos are beloved separately by many, and a restaurant that combines the two delicacies together is opening locations in Toronto as it brings the chain to Canada.

Man vs Fries is opening up four Toronto locations next week, as well as three in Edmonton and two in Calgary. There are already locations in Houston, Atlanta, Austin, Miami, Portland and Seattle.

The business was founded in the Bay Area and serves over-the-top takes on fries as well as burritos and quesadillas stuffed with them, and other items like crunch wraps and nachos. The inspiration? Founder William Bonhorst's childhood in Connecticut, eating out once a week as a special treat.

"My mother would force me to eat burgers or chicken nuggets or sandwiches, so I obliged but only after piling (on top or inside) a handful of fries. It was not until I moved to Southern California as an adult and was introduced to my inner child's quintessential cuisine, French fries in a burrito AKA, the California Burrito," Bonhorst said in a statement.

"From that moment on, I made a promise to myself that one day I would fulfill that kid's dream of letting the world experience all that everyone's beloved sidekick, yet most overlooked, and often underappreciated menu item, the French fry, truly has to offer."

Don't balk at the name: their motto is "fries before guys." Also, don't worry about them replacing your favourite local spots with an import chain, as these Toronto locations of Man vs Fries will all be virtual kitchens.

"I built the brand as a digital-first virtual kitchen back in 2018 in Oakland, California so we will continue that model with our exclusive Reef partnership," Bonhorst told blogTO. "I am forever grateful for their support in Canada and beyond."

Wendy's has already partnered with Reef to serve food out of their trailer-style ghost kitchens, and Man vs Fries should operate much the same way, available for pickup and delivery through all major apps.

"I decided to expand through innovative means during the pandemic, to think outside the brick and mortar, to bring some comfort food to folks during these trying times. I have partnered with Miami-based Reef Kitchens as the first Black-Owned restaurant partner," says Bonhorst.


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