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Vendors turfed from London market as Toronto buyers take over building

A vendors’ market on Brydges Street has shut down and its 200 tenants were evicted after a Toronto-area buyer bought the building.

Brydges Vintage and Collectibles at 1255 Brydges St. was home to small businesses selling goods, from old toys and collectibles to live edge wood planks, but the market has been evicted from the building as its new owner plans to open a construction supply and hardware business on site.

“I’m upset about it but what can you do?” said Harry Riedel, who sold old toys and collectibles such as milk bottles from the market.

“So many people came here looking for different things to buy to add to their collections. Now there’s nothing here. It’s dead.”

The market took up more than 30,000 square feet in the building. The Toronto-area owners plan to open Season Home Building later this year in that space to supply construction and building materials to builders and the public, said Tom He, a partner in the business

The market has been in business at the Brydges Street building for more than two years and was doing brisk business when the building owner issued the eviction order after the sale, said the owner of Brydges Vintage and Collectibles, who rented space in the building.

“I grew sales over the last two years, I brought this business back from bankruptcy,” said the market owner, who declined to be identified.

“I invested a lot into this business, new carpeting, paint and added an addition. I did what a good business owner would do. This was my only income and now I have zero.”

The building owner Geoff Byrne could not be reached for comment.

Riedel, 89, has been selling collectibles for about 50 years and has a stall at Trails End Market.

“I have a lot of toys, a lot of milk bottles. I have stuff I need to get rid of.”


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