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19 Coronavirus Patents, Going back to the 80s, Filed BEFORE the Wuhan Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak has reportedly claimed 17 lives and is being widely covered by mainstream newsletters. Conspiracy realists-are hot on the case, searching the internet for anything strange—and they weren’t disappointed. There were 19 different Coronavirus patents that were filed well before the outbreak started last week—some going back to 1984. Is this proof of a false flag or manufactured outbreak?

Historically, the Deep State and big pharma seem to find a new virus, or two, every year to drum up an ocean of fear, paranoia, and anxiety. Do you remember SARS, ZIKA, and Avian Flu?

Is there a precedent that drug companies make gobs of money from health scares like this?

In her 1994 book, Disease Mongers, Lynn Prayers makes the case that the for-profit healthcare business, from food to doctors, to insurance, to drug companies, work hand-in-glove to ensure big profits.


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