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6 Creative Meeting Breaks For Stressed-Out Business People

Everyone needs a break at some point. Whatever the occasion, a break by definition is a gap, a slight interruption to the main attraction.

In making plans for while planning for a meeting, professionals spend most of their time and resources on the content and not necessarily the ‘breaks’ in between. However, this leads to a grave mistake of treating breaks as an afterthought. While attendees attend events/meetings for content and to acquire more knowledge on a subject, what keeps them wanting more are the memorable and engaging experiencers they had—which can be utilized by meeting planners between keynotes and breakout sessions. By proactively scheduling creative breaks, attendees will feel more positive, become more focused and engaged, and be able to process the information they’ve received.

Here are 6 creative meeting breaks that can fuel your attendees with positive energy, health, productivity and provide them with a memorable experience.

1.  Picnic Breaks

For an event where most of the time is spent in ballrooms and breakout rooms, attendees yearn for a chance to break free and get some fresh air outside. In that case, rather than opting for the traditional buffet, banquet, or boxed lunch, its best to offer a picnic.

Pedal + Picnic with Chef Kris, is a unique picnic offering for small group meeting by The Grand Hotel Minneapolis. It was conceived by Chef Kris Koch, who guides meeting attendees on an 11-mile morning bike tour of his favorite spots in Minneapolis, which includes the recently renovated Walker Art Center's Sculpture Garden, the Mill City Farmers Market, the Isles Bun Coffee Shop, and the Lake of the Isles. The hotel provides bikes, while Koch tailors the duration and intensity of the excursion to suite participants' preferences.

Picnic breaks are the perfect bonding break to get groups to appreciate the atmosphere outdoors especially in the middle of an extended indoor conference.

2.  Mixology Breaks

A lot of meeting attendees would rather be active participants than just passive audience members.  Therefore, rather than having refreshments served to them, some attendees would often prefer to be involved in the preparation process. For this reason, adding mixology breaks to the mix is perfectly suited for some groups.

Charlie Berkinshaw, founder of Element [Shrub] oversees a seltzer bar where guests can mix their own flavored seltzer water using the shrub of their choice. Flavors include chai pear, cranberry hibiscus, and blood orange saffron, just to name a few. Engaging in this activity, offers attendees a unique, interactive, and personal take on the standard beverage break.

3.  Erotic Resort

Depending on the meeting type, choosing a resort location for a meeting break could equally be a great choice, and erotic resorts like the Oxygen Retreat offers various activities that could ease the mind of attendees, especially for a couple themed event.

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, the resort offers attendees the opportunity to try something new and exciting like nude yoga lessons, water polo, naked volleyball, pole-dancing lessons, body painting, sensual aqua fitness and many more. With a lush green retreat of breathtaking natural beauty and unmatched elegance, the Caribbean is home to many erotic resorts, and for good reason: with year-round warm weather, blue waters that match the blue sky, white sand beaches, clear tropical waters, calm breezes.

This break is perfectly suited for an event aimed at couples, as spending quality time in a wonderful environment strengthens the bond between the couple and reignites the feelings of intimacy— which are often sacrificed during daily life.

4.  Fitness Break

For some people, relaxing helps in refreshing their mind in the middle of a meeting. However, for others it’s more of the opposite as physical exercise, which gets the blood pumping, is the perfect way to get them charged up for the rest of the meeting.

In July at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, attendee-led fitness activities were a popular option, as the organizers of the Hyatt Global Summit discovered that some attendees who were willing to lead a boot camp at the resort pool, runs around the property, and engaged in yoga exercises.

“I think it created a different kind of networking opportunity, and it encouraged more attendees to join in the activities since they weren’t as structured as your typical breakout with a hotel leader or other leader from the event in charge,” said Megan Licata, the hotel’s marketing manager in a report.

5.  Teambuilding breaks

In teambuilding breaks attendee not only get to take a break from the main meeting, but they also get to partake in a productive activity that’s bound to yield positive benefits for the group.

Trina Delisser, founder of the Half Moon Equestrian Centre, leads a special teambuilding session where she teaches attendees how to earn the trust of horses by using positive body language. This is something that can then be utilized by them to facilitate better relationships and communications with clients and colleagues. Also, the Pullman Miami Airport Hotel, offers an airline-inspired teambuilding activity in partnership with local flight schools. During the session, flight instructors teach groups the basics of how to fly a jet—and how to equally land one safely in an emergency, which takes collaboration, communication, and coordination that attendees get to practice together in B738 airliner and Cessna 172 simulators.

6.  Spa breaks

A spa-themed break should be on the itinerary of every meeting planner who want to give attendees a break, as they are designed to help attendees relax and recharge during marathon meetings.

During this unique meeting break, attendees can be soothed with relaxing and detoxifying salt therapy or receive safe IV infusions and nutrient boosters—whose wellness benefits last for multiple days—leaving them feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to brainstorm.