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Ontario Trillium Party Presents Alternative to the Three Main Political Parties

Why the Trillium Party?

Where are we, and where SHOULD we be? Ontario was once a powerhouse. It was a place that everyone in Canada was jealous of. The reason they were jealous was because we had the best roads, the best medical system, the best homes, the best schools, and the best jobs.

This has been eroded by a series of governments from all the 3 major political parties over the last 30 years. Namely, the PCs, the Liberals, and the NDP.

The major problem is that most voters can’t remember the “good times”. They can’t imagine the way it once was. We are no longer the province that’s envied by all others, and this is because we, the public, have learned to accept and not expect anything better than what we have been offered for the last 30 years.

This is because the main parties know for a fact, that you will vote for them. You will vote just to get the current government out. Then, you will cross your fingers that things will get better, and it never does. History has told us that. Then the cycle repeats itself over and over and over again.

It’s got to the point that 60% of the people see that it simply doesn’t matter which party you vote for because they’re all the same, and they choose to simply not vote at all. Rather than abstain, use your constitutional and democratic right to vote for an alternative. Something Different from the arrogant Big 3 parties.

The Trillium Party offers a true alternative to the “Them or Them” concept, because the fact is, they’re all the same and they’re all to blame. We are Different.

Take this last parliament alone. The PCs voted as a block for almost every one of the controversial Liberal Bills that were put through, mostly out of fear that they would be perceived as being harsh, bigoted, or uncaring. Two examples of this are the Sex Ed curriculum that they endorsed wholly, to the bill 193 that allows warrantless entry onto your private property.

The Official Opposition operated for an entire 4 years without a platform or policy, and followed blindly doing whatever the government in power asked/told them to do. They finally had a policy conference last fall, which allegedly represented the Grassroots of their party. It was then, 100% dissolved and vaporized overnight when the new leadership came in, in the form of Doug Ford. He invented a brand new policy in one day with NO consultation from his membership, the caucus, or anybody else other than the backroom people! He promised whatever he had to promise in order to get the leadership, and then within 10 days after that, he “flip flopped” on 3 of those major promises that got him elected.

  • The controversial Liberal Sex Education Curriculum will not be repealed under the Doug Ford regime. Focus Ontario”- Doug Ford stated that the Sex Ed curriuculum was at the bottom of his totem pole). Six days later,
  • Doug Ford stated that rather than the promised private sector distribution of cannabis, he would now be using the Liberals LCBO model.
  • The idea of free votes did not happen. The Party Whip is still in place, stronger than ever.

In short, the cycle of political abuse seems to continue, and seems to be destined to continue regardless if the PCs win or the Liberals win….the policies, the principles, and the ideals seem destined to remain the same as they have for the last 30 years.

The Trillium Party is that breath of fresh air. That breath of Common Sense that can end that cycle.

Just imagine what it would be like if just 1, 2 or 3 people from the Trillium Party of Ontario would get elected into parliament.

We would act as the referees or conscience of Provincial Parliament. The Big 3 parties wouldn’t be able to hide anymore. They would be held accountable and pointed out to the electorate at every turn!

“Who is deciding who runs your future and who runs your life -- by the numbers”

You will be shocked at how few people control your future as an Ontarian.  The simple reason is this….you choose not to! If not you, then your neighbour. Here’s why.   40% of eligible voters actually vote. So, if this was a room of 10 people, this is how it works.

  • 4 people will vote. 6 people will stay at home
  • 1 person of those 4 will vote for blue team. 1 person will vote for red team (approx.) simply because they always have
  • The 2 remaining voters will split their vote up between the red, blue, and orange team. Approximately 1 of these votes will go toward the winning team, and the other vote will be divided among the 2 losing teams

Conclusion – 10 people’s lives will be decided by 1.5 people out of 10.


What I want to see is the other 6 people in that room, wake up, look around, take a deep breath, and have the courage to try Something Different and Something Better…

Have the courage to break the cycle of assumption that has been going on for so long. Have the courage to break out of the cycle that has told you that these are your only options.

What the Trillium Party has, is Heart, Determination, and Courage to take on the bullies of the political system. But, what we need is your help. From the 6 other people in that room. We need you to stand up and say you’re not going to take this abuse anymore.

It’s one hour of one day out of 4 years that we ask you to take the inconvenience of going to a polling station, using your constitutional privilege, and voting for Something Different and Something Better.

Let the other Big 3 parties, know that you have awakened. Let the other Big 3 that you have discovered an alternative out there, and put them on notice that they better start doing something better for you and not just for themselves. The Trillium Party is the Other choice on June 7th.


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