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How Canadian homes became debt traps

Posted on 16 November 2017

In 1998, Ann bought a one-bedroom condo in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. Gainfully employed at a printing company, she found the monthly mortgage payments were within her budget (Ann and others quoted in this story asked that Maclean’s not use their full names). The building was on the older side, and eventually she got the itch to update the decor. She intended to replace ...

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Tips to take charge of your finances and live within your means

Posted on 10 November 2017

(NC) Are you stressed about money? Being in control of your spending is one way of reducing stress in your life. According to Statistics Canada, most of us are burdened with high levels of household debt. Simply put, too many people are spending more than they earn. They are saving less and not saving enough for retirement. At the same time, people are living longer. Living within your me ...

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Amazon wants to leave packages in your home, Walmart will put groceries in your fridge

Posted on 06 November 2017

Stephanie Reisner enjoys the convenience of online shopping, but when Amazon invited her to try a new service where packages would be left inside her home, she balked.
"It's a bit invasive," says the author who lives in Denver.  "They're getting a little too personal." On Nov. 8, Amazon will launch Amazon Key , where a delivery person gains access to your home while ...

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WestJet unveils more details about Swoop

Posted on 01 November 2017

Flying on WestJet's low-cost carrier Swoop will come with a price: ancillary fees that will cost travellers about twice what they pay on the mainline carrier, the CEO of the Calgary-based airline said Tuesday.
Gregg Saretsky said he expects non-fare fees on Swoop, which is set to launch in June, will be very similar to so-called ultra low-cost carriers in the U.S."We're about $19 per gu ...

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Instagram moves beyond its all-or-nothing approach to comments

Posted on 27 September 2017

Instagram already has tools to filter your comments, but sometimes that's just not enough. What if you're tired of comment spam, or just don't like that creep who tries to flirt with you on every post? You can finally do something about it outside of reporting individual users. Instagram is rolling out comment controls that give you tight control over who can leave feedback on your ...

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Twitter trials an expansion beyond 140 characters

Posted on 03 October 2017

Twitter for the first time is expanding beyond its 140-character limit, the company announced today. The social network says it will now try out a longer limit of 280 characters in select languages, including English, in order to allow people to share their expanded thoughts without running out of room to tweet.
The feature will initial ...

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Should You Buy the Dip in Canadian Airline Stocks?

Posted on 27 September 2017

Canadian airline stocks suffered a difficult trading session on September 25. Shares of Air Canada(TSX:AC)(TSX:AC.B) declined 7.31% on the day; WestJet Airlines Ltd.(TSX:WJA) stock decreased 1.82%; and Chorus Aviation Inc.(TSX:CHR) fell 2.76%. This was a significant dip in a year that has seen record earnings and performance for airline stock ...

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How to turn your side hustle into a full-time job

Posted on 13 July 2017

(NC) Today's world revolves around the so-called “gig economy,” where individuals make a little extra cash from a small business outside their day jobs. From renting out a room in your home to travellers to using your love of crafting to make unique handmade gifts, bonus moneymakers are a great way add to your income. Some people love part-time projects so much that they would idea ...

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Is Canada Bitcoin's Natural Home?

Posted on 28 June 2017

Along with other colonial nations, innovation and the ability to adapt to new technologies and industries have been some of the most paramount features of the Canadian economy and the country itself. The snowmobile was a Canadian invention—perhaps predictably—as were everyday products like the Alkaline battery and canola oil. In more recent memory, the trend has continued, as demonstrated ...

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Protect your legacy with a will

Posted on 05 June 2017

(NC) The topic of will-writing is often fraught with myths and misperceptions. Many of us believe that only the rich, elderly, or people in dangerous lines of work need to worry about having one. In fact, up to half of Canadians die without a will, leaving their legacy unprotected and friends and family with uncertainty about their estate. This is why legal practitioners recommend that ...