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Cannabis collective expands in Québec, care of ROSE LifeScience

HUNTINGDON, QC, Feb. 22, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - ROSE LifeScience now offers a wider selection of local craft products to choose from.

Hydrocanna is the latest micro-producer to launch a made-in-Québec cannabis product via the DLYS brand, exclusive to the SQDC. Fittingly named after its hometown along the north shore of Montréal, Terrebonne offers an initial strain (Do-Si-Dos) said the company's president Jen-Frédérick Nadeau.

"We're so happy to offer this strain," said Nadeau. "As part of DLYS we can finally show off what's possible here in Terrebonne and, more importantly, put Do-Si-Dos on SQDC shelves. It's super exciting."

DLYS, by ROSELifeScience, is a brand-collective which unites Québec's regional micro-producers to share resources and help bring their local cannabis to market. As part of the DLYS family, Terrebonne joins Amos, developed by mindiCANNA out of Abitibi.

"It's rewarding to see our own local micro-producers flourish all over Québec," said Davide Zaffino, President and Chief Financial Officer at ROSE. "Their expertise is renowned and the growers at Hydrocanna exemplify this."

Fully licensed by Health Canada, Hydrocanna is a family-founded enterprise committed to cultivating refined, artisanal cannabis grown in pesticide-free, indoor environments.  

"We are proud to welcome Terrebonne to DLYS," said Valentine Vaillant, VP Marketing and Sales at ROSE. "These collaborations are a great way to highlight the local know-how."


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