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Female journalist earning soar to $1920 with webcam career change

If you’re like the millions of people globally who suddenly were out of jobs and struggling to pay bills due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, then looking for an alternative source of income is top of your priority list.

With unemployment rates climbing and many businesses forced to close, many people continued to face deep financial hardship. However, while most industries suffered huge setbacks, others thrived effortlessly as the pandemic opened up earning opportunities, particularly in the entertainment industry.

At the peak of the pandemic, the adult entertainment industry witnessed a significant boost in online traffic—with many users accessing porn sites due to high level of boredom, stress and anxiety from being stuck indoors. For many people, government-issued stay-at-home orders meant finding a sexual partner was near impossible, whether through dating apps, public space or with a sex worker.

Instead of real-life sexual experiences, some are choosing to fill in the gaps by interacting with performers online who stream content live from their homes. These performers are commonly referred to as webcam models. The pandemic created a high demand for webcam girls who are now discovering just how lucrative it has become.

One female journalist chose to investigate how profitable webcam modelling is by creating an account on the popular adult webcam site, BongaCams. According to Alexa website ranking, BongaCams is one of the top 40 most visited websites in the world and it is easy to see why, since even the most physical and intimate parts of our lives have all gone digital.

After spending a few days working on BongaCams, averaging a few hours daily, the journalist earned $1,920—a result that was quite astonishing considering the little amount of effort that was put into it. Wearing just a swimwear and only talking to her audience about trending topics, she was able to make that amount of money without undressing or performing any sexual or special act.

Her success in that little amount of time working as a webcam girl eclipsed her earnings as a journalist, leading her to reach out to other webcam models on BongaCams. According to a certain lady and another couple, both of whom have been very active on the site even pre-pandemic, the platform makes it quite easy for them to earn decent money by just communicating with other users online from the comfort of their homes.

From wherever you are in the world, especially with lockdown measures being enforced, all you need to earn money on BongaCams is a good internet connection and a mobile phone or laptop. In fact, in just a few hours, the journalist was able to register and get her account approved for use on BongaCams, since the only specific requirement needed to join the platform is to be 18 years or older as mandated by law.

Now, cam girls choose to either offer some free services, broadcast live shows via webcam or just message their subscribers directly via chat. There’s also the option of having fetish request, private performances, or more adult content at an extra fee. Since loneliness has become as endemic as the coronavirus itself, being able to easily connect with a cam girl online is a much-needed lifeline for some.


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