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Top Trending Types of Roofing Materials

A roof is one of the most important parts of a house, but it’s often regarded as an afterthought—despite providing cover to the most aesthetic interiors.

“A roof is one of the most important investments a homeowner ever makes—it’s literally what protects everything and everyone inside a house,” says Elizabeth Moody, the senior merchant for roofing at The Home Depot.

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of available roofing materials and choosing the right one for your building can be overwhelming. However, choosing the right contractor is just as important as choosing the right material—especially with fraudulent contractors abound.

Jason Dennis, an unlicensed roofing contractor in Hamilton, was sentenced to jail for operating without a license as mandated by Hamilton’s business licensing by-law. His conviction originated from an incident with a Hamilton homeowner who hired Dennis in 2013.

After Dennis claimed to have replaced the victim’s roof, there were significant deficiencies and the homeowner had to hire another contractor to re-do the roof.

“The City’s dealings with Mr. Jason Dennis span almost ten years and point to the worst case I’ve seen of an unlicensed contractor,” said John Lane, Manager of Building Inspections, City of Hamilton in a report.

“Mr. Dennis has defrauded at least 50 local homeowners out of thousands of dollars for work that was never performed. He capitalized through the home renovation business utilizing the mass market in Hamilton, which includes a large population of senior citizens.”

Therefore, for all roofing in Hamilton, it is necessary to consult a licensed contractor and select the best roofing material to suit your style and need. Furthermore, while some regions have laws that affect the roofing type, others are quite flexible.

“Some regions have building codes that restrict the types of acceptable materials and how a roof should be installed,” noted Moody. “For example, California requires all wood roofs be treated with a fire retardant and pass a weathering test.”

Nonetheless, here are some of the most commonly used roofing materials in neighbourhoods today, according to roofing expert, Moody.

1.Asphalt Shingles

Arguably the most popular choice for roofing in most neighbourhoods, asphalt shingles come in various styles and colours which appeals to most homeowners.

“This is by far the most popular choice for today’s properties, and they come in a multitude of styles and colours,” said Moody. “Many of these styles mimic the look of weathered wood shingles or even slate roofs, and you can also get them in ‘cool colours’ that reduce heat transferring to the house.”

Asphalt shingles come in two types, three-tab and architectural. However, irrespective of your choice, they can last for up to 50 years.

2.  Metal Roofing

This is one of the fastest-growing materials available in today’s market and due to their relatively cheap cost, most homeowners opt for this than other roofing material types.

“Metal roofing is one of the fastest-growing materials on the market, and its cost tends to be more than asphalt shingles but less than clay or wood,” she said. “They’re either large panels or individual shingles made from aluminium, steel, or copper.”

One major advantage of metal roofing is the fact that they last for up to 50 years while requiring little or no maintenance. However, they require expert installation as they are custom-built.

3.  Cedar Wood Shingles

This type of roofing material is best suited for those who want a more classic look and live in areas with strong wind.

“Wood shingles are often considered the quintessential roofing material, and they give a house a classic charm,” Moody notes. “This material ages naturally over time, with a beautiful grey patina and wood has a high wind resistance that can usually withstand gusts of up to 200 miles per hour.”

However, cedar wood shingles are quite expensive to install and require constant maintenance.

4.  Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have great curb appeal and are suitable for homeowners looking for something similar in style. Also, they are fire resistant and energy efficient and can hold their ground under windy conditions.

“Clay and concrete tiles have a high durability that can withstand strong winds, and they’re also energy efficient and more fire resistant than competing options,” said Moody. “Their curb appeal is another big advantage, too.”

However, clay tiles are susceptible to cracks after a period of time and require routine maintenance. Additionally, it is necessary that this roofing material is installed by a licensed professional.