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Create the feeling of autumn inside your home

(NC) With the cold weather upon us and more time being spent inside, autumn is the perfect time to make small updates to your home’s decor. Plus, getting your home ready now will save you time down the line, letting you focus on holiday entertaining.

Find something you love featuring the warm colours of falling leaves and cozy accessories for a seasonal update that’ll last you throughout the winter with these quick tips.

  1. Refresh your white. After a long summer, your bright white walls may be looking worse for wear. Get your home ready for the holidays by swapping a bright white for a soft white, such as Spellbound (WH15) by Para Paints.
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  2. Cozy up to some comforting layers. Take your space to the next level by integrating darker shades of navy, brown or black. Popular options include orange, slate, dark greens and grey-blacks. This will add dimension to your space and create a cozy fall feel.
  3. Think matte. This flat finish is all the rage right now — it’s soft and lends a rich feel to any space. Art and metal accents will pop when set against at flat-painted wall. Get that ultra-matte designer look that professional designers crave, but with the washability and scrubabilty your family needs with Para Paints’ ultra suede finish.
  4. Embrace fall fabrics. Swap out iconic summer textiles like cool cotton and linen for luxurious velvets and thicker textures such as wool, plaid and silk to warm up interiors as it gets colder outdoors.
  5. Mix metals. Pair antique or warm metals such as rose gold, soft gold and copper with raw and natural materials like wood or marble. Adding these accents to a kitchen or bathroom or swapping some hardware on furniture is an easy way to update.

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