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Is your oral health an indicator of your well-being?

(NC) It’s no surprise that quality oral care is linked to overall health, but new research indicates that its impact might just be bigger than we thought.

With people increasingly looking to holistic health approaches, understanding oral health’s role in the big picture is key. Recent studies show that proper oral healthcare can improve respiratory and cardiovascular health, as well as positively affect employment status.

One non-profit organization helping to make healthcare accessible for all of us is Green Shield Canada. It’s supporting organizations implement a holistic approach as a means to ensure that overall health is taken into consideration. One organization is Reach Community Health Centre, which is working to integrate its dental, medical, and Multicultural Family Centre departments through its Navigator program.

As practitioners continue to uncover the benefits of oral health and its role as treatment for other conditions, dental associations encourage dentists and patients to discuss health issues beyond the mouth. By talking about more than just oral health — heart, diet and more — it is easier for practitioners to collaborate and work to change how oral health care is offered and its role in your overall well-being.

Find more information at www.greenshield.ca.