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New tech innovations to lookout for in 2018

Posted on 12 January 2018

The tech industry has witnessed lots of activity in the year 2017―with companies like Facebook utilizing Artificial Intelligence, and an increasing number of companies introducing newer technologies into their various business models. Gopalan Rajagopalan, head of TCS Scotland highlights some of the latest technological innovations to become the rave of the moment in the coming year 2018. ...

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Razer Phone: Do we Need A Gamer-Centric Smartphone?

Posted on 22 November 2017

Today's smartphones are powerful pieces of equipment we carry around in our pockets wherever we go. And they are quite powerful, too, capable of handling all of our everyday tasks, from emails, news, and music to printing, playing the games at and basically whichever else we might find attractive. People already spend a great deal of their time playing smartphone ga ...

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From non-existence to ubiquity: comparison websites

Posted on 07 May 2017

Since the mid-1990s, the trend as been to move industry and shops online.Who remembers that eBay, Amazon and Pizza Hut launched their sites in 1995?The biggest challenge of shopping online at that time was to find an online presence of a company one wanted to buy something from, as it was unthinkably uncommon for quite some time. A great many of the most successful sites then, like eBay, in ...

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How to Stay Safe on the Water this Summer

Posted on 26 April 2017

(NC) Enjoy a summer on the water with friends and family by following these tips to keep people and Canadian waterways safe. 1. Report signs of trouble. Canadian waterways are essential for leisure, travel and the economy. It's important to know when something's wrong so that the Canadian Coast Guard can step in to help. Oil slicks, diesel and other toxic spills are al ...

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How Your Groceries and Goods Travel to Canada

Posted on 25 April 2017

(NC) Canada is a trading nation, and our waterways are crucial for both receiving our favourite things here at home and delivering Canadian products around the world. Combined, these imports and exports contribute billions to our economy and provide many jobs to Canadians. On one hand, we rely on our waterways to receive key grocery items, as 40 per cent of all fish, fruit and vegetabl ...

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What to do if You Spot an Abandoned Boat or Wreck

Posted on 24 April 2017

(NC) Have you ever been at the beach or on the water and seen something that wasn't supposed to be there, but didn't know what to do or who to call? Learn what to do if you come across a boat that appears abandoned, derelict or wrecked. It is important to understand the risks these problem boats can pose. They can potentially threaten the marine environment and ecosystems if there are ...

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How You Can help Keep Canada's Open Waters Safe

Posted on 22 April 2017

(NC) Canada is a country made up of and surrounded by bodies of water, and with summer around the corner, many of us are gearing up and heading out to the waterfront for recreational boating and fishing trips. Warmer temperatures also mean the ice that has covered some bodies of water all winter has now melted, creating more open water and a busy nautical highway for shipping companies ...

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3 Ways You Can Help Protect Canada's Ocean and Marine Life

Posted on 21 April 2017

(NC) You may live far away from a coastline, but that doesn't mean you can't do your part to protect Canada's ocean ecosystems. Here are some ways you can help preserve Canada's marine environment 1. Shop sustainably. Seafood makes for a delightful dish, but overfishing and unethical capture methods can negatively impact both marine wildlife and the environment. Look fo ...

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Unexpected ways Marine Environments are Helping the Economy

Posted on 20 April 2017

(NC) As Canada continues to develop its green economy, some scientists are turning to the deep blue for solutions. Studies on the country's three coasts are tapping into the power of natural renewable resources to convert them into energy. In the Bay of Fundy, scientists are working on turning ocean currents into electric currents. Up north in Inuvik, on the shores of the Beaufort Delt ...

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Tips to practice boating safety this summer

Posted on 19 April 2017

(NC) Enjoy spending time by the water with loved ones this summer by following these tips to keep people and Canadian waterways safe. - Take an accredited Canadian boating safety course. Keep your pleasure craft operator certificate with you at all times. - Inspect your boat and all your equipment before departure. - Always wear your lifejacket or personal flotation device ...