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Buying a laptop: Avoid these common mistakes

(NC) Many Canadians are finding out the hard way that they need to replace the budget laptop they had to rush out and buy during the pandemic. But buying a new laptop is a daunting experience for many, so tech experts have rounded up some common pitfalls to help you avoid a dose of buyer’s remorse.

“Spending less money on a laptop can be tempting, but think about how often your family uses it for work, entertainment and leisure, and invest in quality,” said Emile Perez, sales expert at Intel Canada. “If you’re in the market for a new laptop and not sure where to start, consider computers with the Intel Evo sticker. It’s a quality assurance badge that means a laptop meets high standards for performance, battery life and the fastest internet connection.”

Here are other common mistakes to avoid:

  • Buying a laptop for “today”: Future-proof your investment and buy a device with room for growth. Consider future storage needs if you have a lot of videos or photos, for example, to make sure that your device fits your family for years to come.
  • Not trying before buying: It’s easy to forget about the importance of features not listed on traditional laptop spec sheets, like the feel of the keyboard, how quickly it turns on, how it fits in your bag for portability or the visibility of the screen in daylight. Test all these things out at brick-and-mortar stores so you get a real hands-on feel.
  • Focusing on one feature only: While it’s important to compare spec sheets between different laptops, focusing on one key feature, like size of the screen, RAM or graphics capability, may give you tunnel vision and lead you to buy a device that doesn’t have the right power for how you use it.

Remember that the best kind of laptop varies from person to person, so read up on reviews, compare prices and specs, and be sure to buy something that will grow with you to maximize your investment. If price is a concern, some retailers offer monthly subscription models where you can invest in a better device, finance it for 24 months, then buy it out or upgrade.



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