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6 Massive Houses For Sale In Ontario That Are Cheaper Than A Toronto Condo

Just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you need to live small. There are tons of cheap Ontario houses for sale right now and they are less than a Toronto condo. So start packing your bags, because it's time to move out of the city. 

Although the prices of Toronto homes have been dropping, the latest report by the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board states that the average price for a condo in the 6ix is $672,465. 

If you're not looking to pay over half a million dollars for a one-bedroom in the sky, there are some other options. 

For under $500,000, there are a variety of massive houses across the province that you can choose from that will make you forget all about expensive city living.   For just $364,000 you can move into a stunning three-bedroom home that even comes with its own backyard pool. 

If you're an animal lover, you can also move into this hobby ranch for only $264,900. 

So start packing your bags and move into these cheap Ontario abodes. 


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