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Toronto Real Estate Broker Fired Following Offensive Twitter Comments

A Toronto-based real estate broker has been terminated after making several problematic comments on social media this week.

Chris Borkowski, who is known as @CondoChris by his nearly 4,500 Twitter followers, was terminated by his employer Right at Home Realty on Tuesday after the company became aware of offensive comments he had made online.

Borkowski spoke out on Twitter with a racially charged expletive-filled attack on NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, referring to him as a “Kalistani terrorist” after someone tweeted a video of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Bhangra dancing on stage at a dinner in New Delhi hosted by the High Commissioner of Canada in India in February 2018.

Many Twitter users took offence to Borkowski’s comments, including a woman by the name of Michelle Jones, who said she tagged NDP MP’s to inform them of what was being said about Singh. Many others tagged Borkowski’s employer, questioning how his views could align with his employers values.

Jones, who confirmed to Toronto Storeys she had no prior connection to Borkowski, tweeted to her followers that he should be blocked and reported on Twitter.

Shortly after that, Borkowski’s employer released a statement, confirming they were aware of his comments and that he had been terminated.

“We stand for respect, tolerance and inclusion and hold our Realtors to the highest standard of conduct. The comments directly conflict with our values. This member was immediately terminated for cause,” reads the statement.

Well the twitter mob wins.. @condochris got fired for a tweet.. anybody wanna hire a slightly used, offensive real estate broker?

— Condo Chris (@CondoChris) June 16, 2020

Following his termination, Borkowski took to Twitter to pin his firing on Jones and began a tweeting frenzy, in which he joked about losing his job and added, “Guys if you haven’t been fired for a tweet you haven’t really lived .. it’s so 2020.”

Michelle Jones who cost me my job for a tweet has contacted police..

— Condo Chris (@CondoChris) June 17, 2020

I wonder if i have a lawsuit againt the stranger who cost me my job?

— Condo Chris (@CondoChris) June 17, 2020

Are you talking to me ? Can he get into India? It looks like we can let the courts decide whether the tweet was worth me losing my job.

— Condo Chris (@CondoChris) June 17, 2020

I dont work for anyone now motherfuckers ..i have …24 hours to speak my mind free of censorship..then i gotta chill

— Condo Chris (@CondoChris) June 16, 2020

When reached by email, Brokowski said: “The person that doxxed me has a long history of harassing people over political tweets and I have contacted a lawyer.”

UPDATE: Toronto Storeys has since heard back from Right at Home Realty after publication. They provided the following statement:

We were made aware of the comments through other members of our team. While we cannot comment further on the details of personnel matters of this nature or this specific individual, what we can confirm is that this member was immediately terminated. As we mentioned before, Right at Home stands for respect, tolerance and inclusion. We hold our members to high standards of conduct; these comments directly conflict with those values. We are proud of our team, and this was not representative of what we stand for.

In 2017, Toronto Storeys ran a profile of Borkowski under the title Chris Borkowski: Meet the Agent.


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