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5 ways Mattamy Homes is building a cohesive community in Carrington

During the creation of Carrington in northwest Calgary, Mattamy Homes gave careful thought to how the community would look, but they gave equal attention to how the community would make people feel.

Mattamy believes people should love their home, but they should love their community and feel connected to it as well.

On the eve of the developer’s launch of the Enclave in Carrington, we look at the five things that Mattamy did to set the stage for significant community connection.

1. They created amazing art

A public art installation becomes a conversation piece and a meeting place. Eventually, people in the neighbourhood feel like it belongs to them.

The leaf canopy over Carrington’s skate park is exactly that. It stands as a symbol of new beginnings and through the interconnected leaves, illustrates a coming together of community.

“Art can spark discussion and get us thinking about different perspectives while creating a sense of pride,” says Karla Schultz, Mattamy’s senior marketing manager.

The leaf motif is repeated in various forms along the connecting trails throughout Carrington.

Skateboard park

Public art with a recurring leaf motif runs through the community. Supplied

2. They constructed great places to play

Playgrounds and sports fields are essential to our health and well-being; they’re also a lot of fun.

The central Greenway park in Carrington is where all residents, young and old, can let off steam, get active and meet people. There’s a skate park, a basketball half-court and the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway, where anyone can bike, run, walk, skateboard or take a motorized scooter around the whole city. There are more trails around the natural environmental reserve, too.

“Getting outside lifts people’s moods and reduces stress and we’re so happy with what Carrington offers our residents,” Schultz says.

3. They provide local shopping

Bumping into people at the store is another way to connect with your neighbours. Knowing your neighbourhood has a local plaza with perhaps a convenience store, a hairdresser, a pizza outlet or coffee shop adds to that intangible sense of belonging.

Schultz says a new commercial development in Carrington is set to break ground in the spring of 2020 next to the Greenspace park.

“Stores and restaurants are inviting. How convenient is it to walk over and browse or grab a cappuccino or a tea close to home,” she says.

Carrington basketball court

With lots of park space, pathways and a planned commercial area there are lots of places for residents to gather in Carrington. Supplied

4. They build homes for everyone

Mattamy designed both the community of Carrington and the homes within it, creating a wide variety of housing options such as urban townhomes, duplexes and single-family homes to draw a diverse range of people with different family sizes, backgrounds and experiences. A rich diversity of ages and stages creates depth and character within the community.

“We’ve responded to this by offering new homes in a range of prices. Everyone is unique and we made sure that our buyers can express themselves through a variety of architectural styles, colours and floor plans,” Schultz explains.

5. They build functional homes that foster connection

Mattamy builds homes on trend with modern design that also encourage connection.

“Our homes all have recessed garages, where you can see outside from your front window. This also makes the streetscape more inviting. You don’t see garage after garage as the prominent features of the street,” Schultz says.

Enclave is Mattamy’s newest phase of Carrington, set to launch Aug. 17. This special neighbourhood features 44-foot walkout lots on the pond ideal for their wide-lot homes. It’s the first offering of this kind in Carrington and includes special upgrades. For more information, click here.

This story was created by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division, on behalf of Mattamy Homes.


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