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The pre-delivery inspection: Tips for new homebuyers

(NC) On or before your closing day, your builder will conduct a pre-delivery inspection, or PDI. The main purpose is to thoroughly inspect your new home, learn how the systems work and make a record of anything that is missing, incomplete or damaged. 

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your inspection: 

  1. Ask questions: Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about how to use and maintain parts of the home. Do you know how to set the thermostat? Do you know how and when to change your furnace filter? How can you keep your hardwood floor looking great? Ask your builder’s representative whatever questions you have and make note of the information they give you. 
  2. Don’t bring your friends and family along: The temptation to show off your new home to the people in your life may be hard to resist, but you’ll do well to save this for a later time. The PDI is your time for making sure everything is in order before you move in, so it needs your full concentration. 
  3. Focus on missing and damaged items: Don’t waste valuable time by visualizing where you’ll hang your pictures or how you’ll arrange your furniture. To keep you on track, print a copy of Tarion’s PDI checklist and bring it with you. 
  4. Pay special attention to hard surfaces: If there are any defects in things like ceramic tiles or granite counter tops, be sure to catch them now. If you wait, you might have a hard time proving they existed before you moved in.  
  5. Take pictures: If anything is damaged or missing, take a photo. These photos can serve as a record if you need to make a warranty claim after you move in.