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COVID-19 Lockdowns: Public health technocrats engage in shameless hypocrisy

Did you ever notice that the officials who are advocating lockdowns are never in any way directly financially affected by the consequences of their decisions? This is the fundamental hypocrisy of the pandemic.  The lockdowns will only end when workers and whole communities which are more imminently threatened by total economic meltdown than COVID-19, demand that the officials who seek lockdowns are correspondingly cut-off financially from their own income streams.

Let us see how many politicians like Premier Doug Ford, public health officials and members of the medical community will be demanding lockdowns when their own abilities to pay their mortgage; and to live the lifestyle afforded by their often $100,000 plus annual incomes becomes threatened.  Let us see how many of them will be happy about a public demand to turn off their own cash flow on behalf of the "greater good" they speak of, as long as other people and not their own families are economically destabilized.

The COVID-19 pandemic consists of a genetically engineered virus which particularly affects vulnerable populations alongside the fraudulent inflating of data associated with influenza and other infirmities which can be used to support a mass psy ops agenda which includes lockdowns.

The apparent end goal of the lockdowns is to intentionally destroy the middle class on the pretext of the pandemic so that such groups will be less of a threat to a global fascist agenda.  It is apparently hoped from the orchestrated pandemic, a society will emerge in which most people will be so preoccupied with basic survival they will be much less of a threat to ultra-insiders being able to do whatever they want.

Read more about this in Peter Tremblay's and Dr. Orion Zee's COVID-19: The Genetically Engineered Pandemic.


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