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This $5.5M Toronto Home Has Major Cruella de Vil Vibes With Black & White Everything

Finding the perfect Toronto home to fit your cartoon villain alter ego can be hard, but not impossible. Cue the evil music.

A deliciously sinister property near the historic Casa Loma is now selling for $5.5 million, and its black and white interior will make you feel like Cruella de Vil.

377 Walmer Road is a strikingly unique four-bedroom home that sits up the street from Casa Loma.

To say the home has a black and white aesthetic would be an understatement — it's full-blown 101 Dalmatians in there.

From the black and white striped walls to hidden dark hideouts, you'll be planning out your evil schemes in no time.

You also have a private terrace on each level, so you can enjoy your morning coffee in peace.

If you're looking to be the next Disney villain, this might just be the home for you.


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