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New Company Expands to Canada, Entrepreneurs Dream -- Opportunities For Self-Motivated Freelancers

TORONTO, Canada, 19 September 2018 – AdvoCare launches expansion to Canada with brand new opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs who would like to help other Canadians pursue good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle while earning additional income. For the first time in 25 years, AdvoCare ventures outside of the United States, reaching out to potential independent contractors in Canada. 

Other U.S. companies which have ventured north of the border to provide Canadians with similar opportunities to “be your own boss” include Uber.  With the newly acquired facilities in Canada, and having recently received approval from the Government of Canada on product lines, Advocare can now focus its attention on helping Canadians lead richer and wealthier lives by giving them more income prospects without the need to give up their independence.  

The news of AdvoCare’s expansion offers Canadians access to a well-established business venture that has generated over a billion dollars in the USA, and an opportunity to earn income through AdvoCare which has truly been a success story in the United States as well helping hundreds of thousands earn additional income.  Along with giving the Canada’s growing and emerging “gig economy” more opportunities for revenue, the consumer market also benefits in the news of AdvoCare’s expansion. Consumers will have access to the company’s wide range of products for health and nutrition, energy, weight loss, and sports performance.

Richie Jaynes is one of the hard-working entrepreneurs behind the success of AdvoCare. Jaynes has been successful in creating and running and helping others create wealth and life on their terms. Through his leadership and expertise, Mr Jaynes has led hundreds of other individuals to also create their own wealth through the products and opportunities AdvoCare offers. Richie is looking for talented entrepreneurs that are currently looking for a ground floor opportunity and be first to market with a life changing product and business to lock arms with and help create life on their terms.

Announcing the news of AdvoCare’s expansion, Jaynes says, “This is an exciting expansion and brings with it an opportunity for many Canadians to get in on the ground floor of AdvoCare’s start in the Canadian marketplace.” 

Jaynes seeks to Advocare to become a dream come true for Canadian entrepreneurs who seek to share in his own success with this company. AdvoCare boasts of excellent products and business rapport that offer ongoing support to independent contractors.  

The support that Jaynes and AdvoCare offer is invaluable, with Jaynes being one of the top experts in the country when it comes to health and wealth. You will be in good hands and on a team of champions

Jaynes’ expertise is backed with a Kinesiology degree and sports studies from Texas A&M University-Commerce. He started as an assistant strength and conditioning coach in a 12 000-square foot fitness centre he owned, which has 3000 members. From that, Jaynes moved on and opened one of the best athletic facilities in the city.  From there, he helped thousands by leading them towards better health. It was in 1997 when he joined AdvoCare and successfully built a sales force the country cannot help but recognize. 

He grew his sales force to become a company of over 10,000 people through exceptional team-building strategies and leadership.  It is a team that has generated hundreds of millions in sales.  

Jaynes envisions that Advocare will have great success among both entrepreneurs and consumers who seeking to pursue a more healthy lifestyle.  This is truly a ground floor opportunity and you can be first to market with a life changing product in the trillion dollar space of health and wellness, Jaynes has built a  business that has generated well over $5 million dollars. He is looking for serious talented entrepreneurs that is looking to go to the next level in their wealth and health. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to be first. Its not many times in life that you can truly say that. This is an Entrepreneur's Dream.

About AdvoCare:

AdvoCare is a world-class nutrition company established in 1993, advocating physical and financial wellness. The company specializes in providing health and wellness, vibrant energy, weight management, and sports performance products. AdvoCare also provides opportunities for individuals looking to earn some income as a distributor or customer.


For more information on how to become an independent sales associated for Advocare, please visit For inquiries, please call 1-972-898-3754 or send an email to 

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