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Activist Applies to Supreme Court To Oppose Evil Ottawa Lawyer John Summers

John Summers calls himself a "Family Lawyer".  But at least in one case, Mr. Summers can be described as a Family Destroyer.

The lawyer had told so many lies in Court designed to perpetuate the misery of Dezrin Carby-Samuels that it's a wonder how this man can sleep at night?

After more than three years of dealing with Mr Summers lies and the Kangaroo Court he apparently orchestrated with his conspirators on the Judicial Bench who all graduated from Summers' alma mater which is the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, Raymond has now skillfully navigated his legal plight to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Raymond has applied to the Supreme Court of Canada to seek a 'Leave to Appeal' in what would promise to be a landmark case against the control of our legal system in the hands of lying lawyers like John Summers who seek to manipulate courts with at times the willing support of certain judges who lack integrity.

John E. Summers appears to have sought to perpetuate the abuse of Dezrin Carby-Samuels by her husband and a dirty Ottawa Police Detective named Robert Griffin Jr. and Mr. Summers has done so with the apparent collaboration of fellow University of Ottawa graduates Justice Pierre Roger, Regional Senior Justice James McNamara and Justice Sylvia Corthorn.

Isn't it time to put the efforts of a cliques within our legal system that have sought to manipulate at the expensive of the rule of law and human lives?