Paul Burns Appointed President and CEO of Canadian Gaming Association

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) has recently appointed a new board member, the august and inarguably experienced Paul Burns. The gambling industry trade group was proud to announce their latest addition, who has been involved in the gambling industry in various roles for over two decades.

It is hoped that the new president and chief executive officer will help the Canadian Gaming Association to achieve its key goals for 2018: namely, to create a stable and attractive gaming environment within the country.  

Mr Burns replaces the well-respected William P Rutsey, who leaves behind some very big shoes to fill.  

A laudable appointment

No matter how impressive the legacy left behind by his predecessor, the appointment of Mr Burns is one that has filled the Canadian gambling industry with optimism. Already an important figure on the gaming scene, the new president and CEO of CGA has a rich and diverse knowledge of the sector that should perfectly suit him to his new role.

This is an opinion shared by the organization’s existing board members, who have described their new peer as an invaluable asset to the association. With an ideology that complements the CGA’s oft-stated desire to expand and evolve the country’s casino sector – both online and off- - Mr Burns appears ideally matched to his new position.   

The recently-appointed president certainly has extensive experience of the industry. Beginning his career as a senior policy advisor to the Ontario minister for gaming, he was responsible for developing the province’s charity casino model, as well as their slots at racetracks program.   

More than this, Mr Burns has not only acted as the mayor of Toronto and Knowlton, but also proved instrumental in the creation of the Canadian Gaming Association itself, serving as its vice president of public affairs for the past 13 years.

An ardent supporter of the Canadian gambling industry

It is no secret that the Canadian gambling industry is going from strength to strength, with online enterprises proving increasingly popular amongst internet gamers. Online casinos in particular have gone from strength to strength in recent decades, with LeoVegas, for instance, featuring not only different roulette variants and other table games and slots, but also live casino games, which have won players over with their immersive, high tech nature. No one is more proud of this than Mr Burns, who last year endorsed and celebrated the country’s growing popularity as a preferred gambling destination.

Speaking to reporters from Calvin Ayre, the now president was confident of the industry’s shining future, sharing the fact that the Canadian government had joined powers with stakeholders to further support its continued growth.     

Though he also commented on the continuing difficulties the sector faces, he was quick to provide solutions to this, and remained upbeat in his assessment of online gambling’s continuing upwards trajectory within Canada.

An ardent enthusiast with regards to his endorsement of the casino sector, Mr Burns undeniably marks a wise appointment on the part of the Canadian Gaming Association. Committed to the continuing success of the industry he’s so heavily involved in, he is knowledgeable, experienced, and ardent in his promotion of the gaming industry. Under his leadership, it seems this thriving commercial behemoth is set to go from strength to strength as we move ahead into 2018.