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XFL: CFL's ultimate problem is a shortage of brains and not money

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Let's face it folks.  The NFL's financial success was not something which dropped from the sky.  The success of the NFL has been propelled by smart people who have made smart decisions.  Smart people, making smart decisions, have resulted in professional leagues across North America being able to face the challenge of the pandemic without selling out their identities.

It is more than apparent that the CFL is not run by smart people.  A smart league run by a smart Commissioner would have used all that time wasted in seeking to obtain corporate welfare from the Justin Trudeau government into instead pursuing an "NFL playbook" for achieving success.  Correspondingly, a smart league run by a smart Commissioner would not be kowtowing to a league which is the likes of the XFL with no games played; no proven financial success and having a papertrail of preceding failure.

A smart league run by a smart Commissioner would have sought to be inspired by the smart people running the NFL.  Such smart people would have made sure that the CFL's financial survival would have not become so dependent on stadium ticket sales.

A smart league run by a smart Commissioner would have seen the pandemic as a wake-up call, and would have gone into hyper-drive to raise money for the CFL from the kind of corporate branding strategy which has assured the NFL a diversity of financial revenue streams.  Indeed, money from ticket sales is a relatively very small amount of its financial revenue.

The average Canadian football fan would be hard pressed to find in your supermarket or other places where people shop any kind of CFL branding on products as compared to the NFL.  That's because the operation of CFL is stuck in the 1970's.

I would gladly buy CFL T-shirts, other accessories and products with the CFL on it or a team in the CFL that I support like the Toronto Argonauts and so too would the millions of Canadians who watch Canadian football games on TV.  Just imagine the millions of dollars of revenue the CFL has missed by nothing figuring this out.

I would furthermore add that I am also sure there are many American CFL fans who watch the games on ESPN who would love to also wear and buy products with CFL insignia just to mystify their NFL-supporting American brethren.

Unfortunately for such Canadian football fans, everything that CFL has done during the pandemic betrays that the CFL is apparently run by Tweedledum and Tweedledee characters.  First they fenced out players from a discussion on a financial solution to the League's woes; then Chief Commissioner Randy Ambrosie wasted months and months shedding crocodile tears in front of Parliament on an appeal to the national tradition of the league.  And then the utter skepticism by parliamentarians on the sincerity of this Commissioner is then confirmed when he is ready to sell out to a Hollywood cowboy from America, who has no proven success of running a sports team let alone a league.

When the CFL Commissioner was shamefully grovelling for handouts during the height of the pandemic when many Canadians didn't have money to pay rent or to put food on the table was when a smart commissioner would have sought to encourage CFL players to support local pandemic initiatives in their communities while also pursuing new cross-marketing opportunities with Canada's leading corporations.

I wonder how many CFL warriors who are part of the silent majority of supporters of Canadian football are watching in horror and shock on a prospective assimilation and destruction of a league which has been instrumental to expressing the national unity of Canada.

It is unfortunate just how our Canadian football traditions are now being subverted by so-called Canadian sports pundits whose principle source of news are apparently XFL branded sites churning out fake news aimed at misleading Canadians on the true market value of the XFL.

The XFL and its so-called value is no more credible than the main character in the folktale the "Emperor's New Clothes".  And without a season under its belt, the so-called market value of the XFL is just as fictitious.  No business people with any brains would jump into bed and prostitute the soul to a league and the nation that it represents with no documented papertrail of proven financial and market success. 

Indeed, the dust of previous XFL failure hasn't even settled yet. It has just recently surfaced Oliver Luck who is the current CEO of the XFL is still legally fighting with Vince McMahon who was in charge of the former XFL.  But just yesterday, yahoos representing XFL branded sites were criticizing me for stating that much of the news about the XFL outside of their branded sites has been negative, and the latest revelations further proves my point about the XFL.

And just for the record, I did try to watch a few XFL games at the start of its season while that league was being run by McMahon.

You might wonder, who is this guy writing these articles anyway?  I am an alumnus of the top Business School in the nation.  I had successfully predicted that Target Canada was going to implode and have to retreat back into the United States one year before it actually happened during a time when all the other journalists painted a rosy picture for the future of Target in Canada.

Stay tuned for my next article in which I discuss the huge risks for the CFL in damaging its credibility with its existing American fan base by jumping into bed with an unproven league which in my view is destined for a failure far worse than the previous "XFL".


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