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CFL: Saving Canadian Football is not rocket science

Professional sports leagues across North America have proven that where there's a will there's a way in efforts to face the challenges of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie and the big shots who he represents seem to be more focused on getting handouts than making the kind of adjustments of other professional leagues.

Having not received a sought corporate welfare cheque from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau these big shots now hope that "The Rock" will be their saviour.  Never mind the fact that the typical American football fan having had their fill of entertaining football from the NFL and NCAA college football are probably more likely to pay attention to 'Bozo the Clown' than the XFL Hollywood-orchestrated shitshow.

Mention the XFL to the average American football fan and you will likely get laughter shortly afterwards: "Ha, ha, ha, that's not real football", or, "You mean that league started by that pro wrestler?  Ha, ha, ha!!"

The XFL has become a veritable butt of jokes among U.S. comedians.

Do you remember the CFL back in 1971 when Leo Cahill ran the Toronto Argonauts?  These were the days in which Cahill would just walk around NFL lockerooms with a suitcase of money and plucked elite American football players like Joe Theismann at will and when the CFL had swagger over the NFL.  Watch the documentary below if you don't believe me.  That is the kind of swagger that we can as Canadian football fans, and as teams, regain if smarter heads prevail and not the incompetence from within upper management which is at the core of the CFL's problems and sought shortsighted "XFL solution".

Here's the simple solution to getting the over 100-year old Canadian professional football tradition back on track.

The big shots and the Canadian Football League Players Association (CFLPA) should first come together and pick a mutually agreeable auditor who will then reveal to all CFLPA management just how much money there is available for each CFL team play the season from existing TV contracts with Canadian broadcasters and with ESPN in the States and from other potential sources.

The CFLPA could then discuss with each group of players on each team the financial constraints and which players are prepared to make some financial sacrifices to play and which players are not and would prefer to play when there is more money available.

The CFLPA would then provide its report to the big shots on each team.

The CFL big shots would then hold an emergency draft from the U-Sports Canadian university football players to fill in temporary positions for players who want to sit out the season because they do not want to make the financial sacrifice.  The jobs of the regular CFL players would be protected with a clause stipulating that should they change their mind the job is theirs.

The same emergency draft would also be to replace any American players who would not be able to play in Canada because of Canadian pandemic quarantine rules.

Such a solution would protect Canadian football and provide needed practice to Canadian university football players who would likely be very enthusiastic about playing football with relatively stipend amount of money.

The XFL has just about as must traction in the United States as a Hollywood B-movie.  The last time the CFL flirted with American expansion and the allure of alleged U.S. TV market dollars under Larry Smith almost resulted in the death of the CFL.  The current so-called money that is being dangled in front of the CFL's bigshot Board of Governors is little more than fool's gold.

The CFL's success among Canadian fans and its international fan base which includes Americans is its uniqueness, our national tradition and its overall substance which are all totally lacking in the XFL.

All those shortsighted ya-hoos who are getting excited about a "merger with the XFL" are all that American cash are "dreaming in technicolour"

If the CFL jumps in with the XFL, you can expect that it will destroy itself when the XFL begins to implode, when American football fans have had enough laughs after one or two games if the XFL eventually gets that far.

Have you checked Google News?  It is pretty clear that the XFL is already well on its way to becoming a marketing flop.  It seems that 90% of talk about the XFL in the American media is coming from the XFL press box itself and the 10% of mass media banter about the XFL in America that is not from the XFL itself is not flattering

Most of XFL's "good press" is not coming from exited American sports journalists but instead idiotic Canadian sports journalists who haven't yet figured out that American sports pundits and much of America outside of The Rock's head, doesn't give a flying fu-k about the "XFL"!

I compare the XFL to a street pimp dangling a carrot in front of a prospective street prostitute.  In the The Rock's efforts to exploit the credibility of the CFL for his own self-serving ends, he will take down the CFL with it, when the XFL surely implodes once again, if Canadian football fans allow them to do it.

If you like this solution, circulate it to as many Canadian football fans and owners who you know and let's get Canadian football back on track and rescued from the XFL shitshow.  Save Canadian football from Ambrosie's "bromance" with "The Rock".


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