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Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre Transformed by Local Artists to ‘Stir Creativity

It’s safe to say that during lockdown we all had to find unique ways to be creative. Whether that was writing, drawing, painting, or crafting, we all picked up a new hobby or two. ‘Stir Creativity’ is an initiative led by Bombay Sapphire which aims to inspire us all to find new ways to get creative. In support, The Bombay Art project is being held at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre and is showcasing some truly amazing, and inspiring, Canadian artists.

The Bombay Art Project

To bring this project to life, Bombay Sapphire partnered with Canadian curator Ashley McKenzie-Barnes to gather a diverse selection of art. Being displayed at the Harbourfront Centre from July 25th-August 1st, Ashley has selected a variety of works including: sculptures, AR and media landscape pieces all incorporating a different aspect of the Bombay experience. The art on display was created by Canadian artists Raquel Da Silva and William Ukoh.

“This past year, our realities have been altered as we’ve watched the world undergo dramatic shifts during restrictive lockdowns and reduced mobility,” says Ashley McKenzie-Barnes in a press release. “While this has been difficult, we have learned how to re-imagine the joy of art and communication. We can’t wait for Canadians to experience these installations and reflect on what this year has taught them about their creativity, personal growth and imagination.”

Supporting the creative community has been a part of the Bombay Sapphire brand for years now. They’ve run several initiatives to get people inspired, and quite literally stir their creative juices.


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