Book Self-Publishing Service Now in Hamilton, Ontario

Are you a writer in Hamilton looking to release a prospective best seller? Or you're just an aspiring author looking for an opportunity to showcase your literary talent to the world? Look no further, as one of the best book self-publishing service is now in your city.

Agora Publishing is a book publishing company that is helping authors to achieve their life-long dreams of becoming renowned authors. They are providing a very professional and quite affordable self-publishing book service. The company has already made a name for itself in the industry by providing lots of unique opportunities for hundreds of authors who have failed to achieve success in a bid to get their books published by mainstream publishers.

In February, Arnold Henry, a native of St. Lucis had his book Daddy's Mini-Me, rejected by a literary agent. The children's book is about the relationship between a black father and his young son, however, the agent felt there was no market for stories about “African-American 'fathers.'"

"Am I pursuing the wrong children's book? Is the colour of my skin a problem? Why wouldn't people want to read it? I was very discouraged," Henry told HuffPost Canada in a report regarding the rejection letter, which he said cited that stories about black fathers are "such a tough sell.

"I'm a really proud father. It means the world to me and I just wanted fathers to have something to read to their children," said Henry who is now trying to self-publish his book.

Self-publishing with an agency like Agora Publishing guarantees authors retain absolute creative control over their book, irrespective of the title or perceived "unimportance". While there is a team of professional writers in-house, writers can still stay true to their vision of the book and yet receive detailed attention that a traditional publisher in Hamilton or anywhere else might not care to give.

Also, self-publishing with the Canadian company guarantees faster exposure which could eventually translate into more sales. With the second edition of the Northern Ontario Book Fair on the way, organizers are searching for authors to appear at the event. So, the faster you make the decision to self-publish your work the closer you get to actualizing your dreams.

The literary event celebrates Northern Ontario writers, giving them a chance to sell their books and create a fan base. Last year’s inaugural event was held in Timmins during the Stars and Thunder music festival. However, it is flagging off its 2018 activities on Aug. 10-12 at the Fringe North Theatre Festival in Sault Ste. Marie.

Silverleaf Writers Guild program director Veronique Ginglo-Robert said the plan is to have the book fair move through different cities in the north every year. The event welcomes writers of all genres and there is absolutely no cost for authors to participate—with only travel expenses incurred depending on where they live.

Ginglo-Robert said the event is open for self-published or traditional printed books.

So, for authors or aspiring writers, contact Agora Publishing in Hamilton now to get the best personalized self-publishing services to push your work to the desired audience—all at an affordable and quite stress-free process.