Toronto Book Self-Publishing Service Helps Writers Get Successful

Self-publishing is a way for authors to get their work published without having to patronize a traditional book publisher. In some ways, it has been shown to be even better than traditional publishing, offering writers a higher success rate.

The days when self-publishing was viewed entirely as a route for those who couldn’t break into the mainstream is long gone. On the contrary, quite a number of highly successful authors are choosing to self-publish their new titles today. Warren Adler, the author of 27 traditionally published novels, including The War of the Roses, opted for Print on Demand (POD) back in the ‘90s because he was convinced it would “allow an author a chance to control his own destiny.”

“Beyond moments of joy and fulfillment of which there have been many, the obsession of control lingers. Technology offered me the gift of independence and self-sovereignty, and I jumped at it,” said Adler in an interview with IndieReader.

With more authors opting for self-publishing, Agora Publishing is helping writers in Toronto attain success with their works. They are providing a professional and quite affordable book self-publishing book service—and with a solid reputation in the publishing industry. They are offering lots of unique opportunities for hundreds of authors who have failed to achieve success in a bid to get their books published by mainstream publishers.

The hosts of services writers enjoy are unrivalled, as they committed in ensuring that your captivating but yet unpublished book, or mind-blowing work of fiction, gets shaped into a fully published best seller. Here are a few benefits of self-publishing your book with Agora Publishing:

1. Every genre is welcomed

A major disadvantage of traditional publishing is the "rejection rate". Lots of writers have faced dejection from numerous publishing houses, which might have prompted them to either forfeit the idea or suffer immense loss in creative ideas.

However, choosing to self-publish with Agora Publishing, the odds of getting your book rejected are pretty slim—as almost all genres are accepted.

2.  Quick process

There's no endless waiting, or slaving through processes, from submitting your book to one publisher after another, to having it approved by several editors.

Self-publishing eliminates these processes and ensures your book gets published as quickly as possible. The presence of the internet means you could actually complete a book today and have it available it online the next day. While it's never advisable to rush a book, using a reputable publishing company like Agora Publishing ensures that your work is thoroughly edited, proofread and with excellent typesetting. The speed of self-publishing can almost translate into quicker exposure and more revenues from sales.

3.  Expert Marketing

Agora Publishing also helps the authors to take critical decisions related to proper marketing of the book. They have over 20 years of experience and know how to get your book advertised in front of thousands of people. Thus, empowering authors in new and exciting ways and helping them transition from local Toronto writers to internationally acclaimed authors.

4.  Payments are much better

In traditional publishing houses for example, you might receive 10 percent to 15 percent of the list price of each book sold, while the rest of the profits go to the publisher. This can be quite disadvantageous to most authors.

On the other hand, when you choose to self-publish with Agora Publishing, you can receive up to 70 percent of the list price. Additionally, on top of the other professional services you enjoy, you equally retain rights for adaptations like films, TV shows, adverts, and even comic books.

5.  The shelf life is forever

A traditional publishing house will usually keep your book up for just a few months, extending it only to garner more favor before pulling it down. However, with Agora Publishing in Toronto, your book remains available for purchase for an unlimited time—this is particularly helpful for young writers who are trying to build a fan base.