Great works of literature re-imagined in a Toronto winter

Temperatures double digits below zero to start the week. Double-digit snowfall by midweek. The month kicked off with a groundhog predicting six more weeks of winter while hard experience tells Torontonians to expect winter to persist long beyond that.

It is enough to make one want to hide away from the weather; to sleep, perchance to dream… of what literature might be like written from the depths of February in Toronto.

The Old Man and The Snow after Ernest Hemingway

He was an old man who shovelled alone on a sidewalk in the blizzard and he had gone more than four hours now without finishing the walk…

I cleared that snow that fell on my ground, he thought. And it was the biggest snowfall that I have ever seen. And God knows that I have seen big ones. It was too good to last, he thought. The snow fell again and again. I wish it had been a dream now and that I had never picked up that shovel and was alone in bed on the newspapers.

“But man is not made for defeat,” he said. “A man can be frozen solid but not defeated.”